Martin Lo-A-Njoe

Martin Lo-A-Njoe (1969)


Before he started with his music study at the Conservatory, he has had classical private pianolessons. From 1992 till 1998 he studied composition with Daan Manneke at the "Sweelinck Conservatorium" in Amsterdam. At the same Conservatory he also followed the theory classes for jazz and also had jazz pianolessons with Berend van den Berg. Through this periode he studied a few years ethnomusicology at the University of Amsterdam.

  Musical activities

Music copyist
He has worked as music copyist for Donemus and the Dutch Broadcasting Coöperation (NOB).

During his music study he started with accompanying balletclasses for children at the piano. Afterwards he started seriously accompanying classes for ballet. He has worked for educational purposes and from 2002 till 2004 for "Dansgroep Krisztina de Châtel."

  Electronics and computers

After his music study, because of his great interests in electronics and computers, he followed a programm in 1999 to become a multi-media engineer at the College of Multimedia in Amsterdam. At the SAE Institute (also in Amsterdam) he followed a course in 2002 called "Music Production".